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Scientific Services

Today the concept of multi skilled, environmental and safety services has washed into many industries. As a result the modern Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) worker needs a broad range of knowledge and skills to call upon.

But with the workplace becoming evermore technical, having the right contacts who you can call upon for help is essential. The question is however, who can you trust?

Media such as linkedIn and facebook can be helpful, but you often get conflicting advice and opinions. Here at Arobase, we do the work for you, providing simple scientific advice while working in your best interest. If we don’t know the answer, or provide the service, then we will find someone that does and put in touch with one another. For more about what we are about follow the link.

Although based in Bristol we providing support to organisations around the globe.


Author: Arobase Gas Testing

A group of professional and dedicated scientists, occupational hygienist and authorised gas testers who work in the oil and gas industry.

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